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Executive - Leadership Development United States
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Customers Pay 100% of Our Salary!  

To get paid, a sales team must create customer value which will result in the customer relationship...not the other way around.  

Steve teaches differentiation, offering a unique perspective on the market. 

He identifies economic drivers of the customer's business and tailors a companies value message to the customer's specific business goals and objectives, linking their solution directly to what the customer is trying to achieve in their own business.  

Steve does what others don't; tailors the value message based on the customer buyer's personal agenda and goals, ensuring that each customer buyer or influencer sees their personal “win” in the solution.

Why do CEOs Hire Steve?  To Solve Their Most Pressing Business & People Problems. 

Steve is a leader who transforms companies; building high-performance teams, changing the way reps interact with customers to drive customers to take action.  He is defined by three core pillars; teaching, tailoring and taking control of sales teams to drive performance.  

Sales Leadership Attributes

  • Strong Management Fundamentals - Integrity, Trust & Accountability
  • Unique Selling Model - Insightful, Tailoring & Skilled Negotiator
  • Customized Coaching - Individual, Team & Development Activities
  • Leadership Effectiveness - Sales Culture, Best Practices & Innovates to Close

7 Step Best Practices to Build High Performance Teams

  1. Set Direction & Strategy - Vision, Mission & Values
  2. Gather & Deploy Resources - Articulate Needs & Provide Business Case
  3. Assemble the Team - People with Skills, Chemistry & Trust
  4. Allocate Work & Prioritize Efforts - Balance Workload of Team & Set Attainable Goals
  5. Execute the Plan - Make Decisions, Measure Results, Adjust Accordingly
  6. Motivate & Inspire People - Empower, Authority, Provide Feedback & Resolve Conflict
  7. Develop Long Term Team - Build Depth & Bench Strength, Create Stretch Assignments

Steve also provides leadership coaching, lead generation for the complex sale, sales training for today's economy , communication skills coaching, and culture improvement consulting.

Let's Start a Conversation

When you feel like you need an outside perspective with proven expertise, CONTACT ME. I will show you strategic examples that solve your most pressing business and people problems to improve focus, productivity, and efficiency within your organization.


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