You Are The Rainmaker (updated)

You Are The Rainmaker (updated)

  • 31 Jan 2017
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By Steve Driben:   

Rainmakers are the lifeblood of any organization.

RainmakerThey are the people who continually bring in the big bucks, close the most profitable deals and generate the most new customers for a business.

Rainmakers ignore conventional sales advice. They cultivate their own natural curiosity about people and events and are always building their “sales practice”.

487,000 Google Results

Where do you even begin? I mean, 487,000 results appear when searching “how to become a rainmaker” on Google is overwhelming. Which results do you choose to review? Does the “title” catch your attention? Maybe you are drawn to statistics. Maybe you are hunting for the “latest and greatest” rainmaking practical application.

Well, speaking from many years of experience selling, coaching and teaching sales methodologies, I join other leaders who have utilized tip’s from Jeffrey Fox’s “How to Become a Rainmaker”.

There are many tips and take-away’s from Fox’s book and for purposes of this blog, I would like to share 5 important tips to guide you on your path to making it rain!

Top Five Rainmaking Tips

1. – Why Should this Customer Do Business with Me? Always keep the focus on the customer. Your goal is your customer’s goal. That is, you will solve their problem. In most cases, solving your customer’s problem will be tied to financial performance.

2. – Pre-call Every Sales Call. In a previous blog, Selling into the C-suite, immediate focus is placed on the “30 minutes” you have with an executive to make your compelling case stick. Meetings with decision makers are crucial to getting the sale. 90% of all sales calls are won or lost before the sales person sees the customer. Pre-call planning is like a “pre-flight” checklist for a pilot. Pilots never miss a single checkpoint. Likewise, Rainmakers never miss a single checkpoint from their pre-call plan.

3. – Quid pro quo. Rainmakers help their customers solves business problems. As such, they may at times “give” the customer something to demonstrate a solution or advance a negotiation. When a Rainmaker gives the customer something, they always plan on getting something in return.

4. – Rainmakers always show their “hand”. They explain the entire sales process from first step, to signed agreement and then post-sale service. Rainmakers believe in full transparency or “full disclosure” to their customers. It demonstrates confidence, develops trust and ensures a long-lasting relationship.

5. – Return Calls the Same Day*. Customers are calling you for a reason. They have a problem they need solved, questions they need answered, or they are a new customer referral. Returning phone calls is a common courtesy and in today’s competitive landscape, a point of differentiation.
* If you are directed to your customer’s voicemail, ABSOLUTELY LEAVE A MESSAGE. Leaving a message lets your customer feel respected and listened to.

Rainmakers are a special “breed”. They have all the characteristics of a strong sales person. They are organized, call on decision makers, develop a pre-call plan, utilize excellent listening skills, and demonstrate value from the customer’s perspective among many others.

However, the differentiating factor between a strong sales person and a Rainmaker is the fact that the Rainmaker sells more than any other person in the company.


Steve Driben is Principal, Board Member and Business Coach with Boardroom Advisory Group, a Business Performance Advisor with Insperity, and a member of the Advisory Board at The School of Executive Leadership, Olympic High School in Charlotte, NC.

To run a leaner business, increase revenue and protect profits, call Steve @ 704.559.9097 or email steve.driben@boardroomadvisorygroup.com.


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