Business Automation

Business Automation

  • 05 Aug 2016
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Software that is used to automate business procedures takes difficult, repetitive, or complex activities and simplifies them into a modernized, efficient process. It’s possible to get the same job done using less technology, and that saves your business both time and money. The best part is that it frees up employees from having to do redundant tasks and either focus on other more productive skills or create new jobs in other areas.

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What is it?

Depending on your industries core business, it is a customized high-powered website integrating many specific automated functions. Capabilities have continued to increase allowing you to automate just about anything. However, professional guidance is needed to implement the proper systems, connect them, and customize them to suit your unique company goals. The following are some common business automation goals:

Marketing Automation (MA) identifies effective campaigns, gathers information from your websites such as demographics and behavioral data to identify quality leads. This information is passed on to sales to follow up directly with the potential buyer. It detects the needs of your potential customers, which helps to create appropriate content.

Automate your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to provide the necessary analytics for critical decision-making in real time, modernize and simplify company communications, and store and track all data in the sales process.

Align your Business Process Management (BPM) by identifying problems with processes, discovering new ones, testing them before implementation, then mapping and modeling using metrics and key performance indicators (KPI). The objective is to achieve the best process, continue to monitor and make corrections, and deliver actually recognized needs of your customers.

Use Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to link all new functions together and across the entire company. Marketing, human resources, customer relations; whatever is involved in your customized process can be one complete, streamlined system that shares a database for the entire organization.

Work Flow Automation (WFA) can be implemented to handle presentations, forms, permissions, user reassignment, reports, documentation, determining priority, workflow pattern, email notifications, procurement, logistics, and warehousing. It manages all work flow.

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Who Needs It?

If your business is experiencing growth and you need to finds ways to simultaneously increase efficiency and cut costs, this is the way to go. Smaller businesses can get away with using standard applications, but larger businesses simply can’t afford to waste time trying to fit a round peg into a square hole. Web-based design involves incorporating these custom applications to get the best results possible for your business. The more organized and accurate you are, the easier it is to focus on consumer targets and their needs. 

Advice for Business Owners

Each aspect of automation will need some technical support, training in its use, backup and documentation of data to make sure it is successful and efficient at accomplishing company goals. Take this information to your digital marking agency and ask questions on how to get your business automated effectively. Knowing the right question is half the battle.


Jessica Headrick is a professional writer, Executive Advisor at Boardroom Advisory Group and Founder of Scribe Syndicate. Jessica has an extensive library of published articles including Technology, Human Resources, Travel and Tourism among many others. She provides topic research, initial draft concepts to complete article and blog productions, all dependent on the client’s individual needs. Jessica is available for project-based and al la Carte work throughout the United States and can be reached at jessica.headrick@boardroomadvisorygroup.com.


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