The Entrepreneurial Trap – Steve Driben

The Entrepreneurial Trap – Steve Driben

  • 03 Apr 2016
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The New & Improved You

Are you craving the need to clone yourself to drive results? If you are…stop! Instead, focus on transference of knowledge to create a new and improved “you”.  Think about the reasons why people follow a leader; they are inspired, stimulated, influenced and mentored. Use these characteristics as a guide to ensure you are transferring intended knowledge to those you believe can help do what you do!


Inspiration is created by your promotion of a consistent vision, mission, and a set of values.  Think about this for a moment; your vision is so compelling, your followers feel a sense of meaning and challenge to move the business forward while your emotional stimulation encourages new, thought provoking ideas to be tested.

Tied to your inspiration and emotional stimulation is your ability to influence your followers whereby they witness you practicing what you are preaching…successfully.

True inspirational leaders act as role models that followers are always seeking to emulate.  As a busy entrepreneur, emulation should be your goal.  This means that not only are some of your followers being groomed to help do what you do, they have the potential to improve upon what you do and achieve greater results.

Finally, consider yourself a mentor to not just one, but several of your followers.  This gives you a breadth of people to choose from as your company continues to grow. Ensure your focus and tenacity are contagious, as these traits are significant for a company to grow and expand.

Steve Driben heads Boardroom Advisory Group‘s Global Sales Consulting, Strategy & Training division providing corporations advice on revenue enhancement, capital cost reduction, and hybrid inside sales strategy.

Through a successful proof-of-concept, Steve’s 5-step inside sales training program has been delivered to SaaS, Software and B2C clients in the United States and Europe. Results attained exceed $100M in top-line revenue. Services focus on inside sales team build-out; concept through creation to execution and launch. Complimentary consultations can be scheduled by emailing steve.driben@boardroomadvisorygroup.com.

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