PRESS RELEASE -Boardroom Advisory Group, LLC Annou

PRESS RELEASE -Boardroom Advisory Group, LLC Announces Affiliation with Caleb Van Voorhis, Executive Advisor

  • 06 May 2016
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Boardroom Advisory Group, LLC Announces Affiliation with Caleb Van Voorhis, Executive Advisor

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA – May 6, 2016 – Boardroom Advisory Group, LLC, a unique provider of executive branding services, today announced that Caleb Van Voorhis has become an affiliate of the company as a Executive Advisor of Video Production. Caleb has a strong track record producing video at notable companies such as The Walt Disney Company and Red Bull.

Boardroom Advisory Group

“Caleb has demonstrated consistent value results for his clients. He brings powerful experience with video concept and production planning, hands-on video shoots and post-production editing”, said Steve Driben, Boardroom Advisory Group Executive Advisor. “With the foundation of the company hinged on industry and subject matter experts, Caleb brings with him in-depth HD video production expertise with Adobe CC and Cinema 4D animation software.”

Mr. Van Voorhis’s success includes helping his clients create a vision and story they would like to tell through video to engage the viewer and increase brand awareness. Van Voorhis’s video productions include promotional videos, commercials, and informational video tutorials.

“As a small company, Boardroom Advisory Group provides me the tools to position Van Voorhis Productions as a top notch video production company. It is important for us to demonstrate the professional quality of our services,” said Van Voorhis. “Video production is an ever-expanding industry and with so many companies to choose from, being part of an exclusive advisory group will help me grow my business”.

About Boardroom Advisory Group

Boardroom Advisory Group, LLC helps experts and executives position themselves as an authority in their respective industry to strengthen credibility and communicate value to accelerate growth of a business and personal brand. Through its combination of professional service offerings, custom web-landing pages, industry-specific content, meaningful HD video interviews and an invitation-only network of like-minded experts, Boardroom Advisory Group communicates strength, authority and the fact that when an executive advisor is hired, they will perform as expected. Further information about Boardroom Advisory Group and how to become a member can be found at http://www.boardroomadvisorygroup.com/contact/.


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