All Call Centers Are Not Created Equal – Sta

All Call Centers Are Not Created Equal – Stan Odachowski

  • 27 May 2016
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Over the past 30+ years in this industry, being on all sides of the table from buying and selling teleservices to finding outsourcing vendors for clients, I’ve realized that most call centers say the same thing…”we have the best agents”, “we supply you with only qualified sales ready leads” and “we will improve your bottom line”.


From experience, anyone can take or make a phone call, but there are a number of things that really good providers excel in, things you really should look for when selecting the right partner. Remember, teleservice account managers represent you and your brand so look for more than the best price.

Here are a few things to look for in a partner; considerations that really should be part of your next vendor selection process:

1. How they do things is more important that what they claim they do.  Understand their process on everything from how they hire, train, manage and compensate agents to the detail behind how your campaign will be run, their quality control process and any flexible pricing models.

2. Since the best campaigns involve an integrated approach with multiple touches, understand if they offer more than calling services.

3. Understand who is going to work on your project. Are they new or experienced agents?  Speak with the team who is on your campaign and understand their backgrounds to make certain there is a fit.

4. You don’t want any surprises.  Do a site visit, especially if you are unfamiliar with the company. Seeing the environment where your campaign is going to be executed can tell you a lot about their quality and culture. Speak to more people in their organization beyond the sales rep.

5. Get specifics as to how they will communicate with you. Get report samples and understand how often and in what format your account manager will manage you and your expectations.

6. Is there a value add beyond the call?  Since these teleservices account managers are speaking to your clients, will they provide you with insight and make recommendations you can use for future campaigns?

Remember, picking the wrong service provider can cost you more than money. Do your homework and ask the right questions.


Stan Odachowski is the Founder of SODA Consulting and an Executive Advisor with Boardroom Advisory Group.  Stan helps client’s better understand how to turn the power of a phone call into a strategic asset.

Email stan.odachowski@boardroomadvisorygroup.com for a complimentary consolation.

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