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Manage Your Inside Sales Team Like a Call Center – Stan Odachowski

  • 31 May 2016
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From experience, over time, most inside sales support teams develop flaws that cut into their productivity and efficiencies. They take on some characteristics which can make them lose focus on what their real role is within the company. The result is a suspect and frustrated sales organization and less than expected revenue results.

While there is always a debate on whether in-house is better than outsourcing, maybe the answer on how to correct this problem can be taken from a page on how call centers are managed.Most successful call centers have a disciplined approach to how they manage employees and client expectations. Here are a few areas that successful call centers excel in…things that you may want to incorporate into your in-house model:

Invest in ongoing training: Call centers have to handle multiple clients and different types of inbound and outbound responsibilities. They understand that ongoing training yields better results so they devote time and resources to making certain agents are knowledgeable about everything from products and services and the industries they are calling into, to call handling techniques.

Create a culture of productivity: Outsource providers have to produce or they get replaced. Whether it be qualified leads, answer time, first call resolution, etc. they develop and adopt a process that focuses is on hitting a metric and exceeding a goal. Time isn’t wasted on things outside the task at hand. Everything from agent compensation plans to client SLA’s are tied to meeting and exceeding specific levels of productivity.

Establish an overall quality control process: Most outsourcing SLA’s require customer calls to be handled a certain way and they typically have monitoring tools and an agent performance improvement plan in place to make certain those goals are achieved. While your in-house operation may not have the technology to match that of a call center you still should develop a system of checks and balances for continuous quality monitoring and agent improvement.

Track and measure performance: You can’t manage it if you aren’t tracking it. Call centers track everything from calls, contacts, conversations, calls handling times, and leads to list penetration, etc. because they are all important indicators that can help manage and improve performance. While every industry may have a different set of KPI’s, establish yours and track and measure what is important to you. Once you have your key metrics in place, you can tell which approaches are working and which aren’t.

A disciplined approach is a necessity in a call center environment. Apply what works in this industry to your situation and you’ll start to see amazing results.


Stan Odachowski is the Founder of SODA Consulting and an Executive Advisor with Boardroom Advisory Group. Stan helps client’s better understand how to turn the power of a phone call into a strategic asset.

Email stan.odachowski@boardroomadvisorygroup.com for a complimentary consolation.

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