Adversity is a Journey – Steven Settle

Adversity is a Journey – Steven Settle

  • 09 Dec 2016
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Ashby Search Group, Inc. was created from a challenge the day I asked these questions:

A. ‘What are you really made of?’

B. As a professional what lies at the very core of your character?

about_imgWhile a review of personal successes, life struggles, challenges, and difficulties led me to start my business, it is the experiences of overcoming adversities of the past that I constantly draw from today to grow my business. Overcoming adversity was a life transforming experience.

Adversity is Necessary for Growth.

Overcoming adversity raises anxiety and generates stress responses that result in heightened levels of concentration and awareness for alternatives and opportunities. Just to name a few, overcoming adversity could inspire you to build credibility as a respectful and respected leader, develop a value proposition based on customer intimacy – Seeing ourselves through the eyes of the customer addressing both spoken and unspoken needs – the essential building blocks to grow any business such as differentiating and offsetting from the competition, retaining competitive advantage through an on-going program of continuous improvement to improve services and manage resources for service excellence, and the resiliency and determination to achieve greater success.

Marketing goes hand-in-hand with the ‘Law of Curiosity’, which says that being curious about people is fundamental to building valuable relationships, creating connections, and learning about each other as professionals. Likewise, companies work with other companies who demonstrate that same curiosity, genuine interest and value to become a trusted business partner.

From past experiences of overcoming adversities, the guiding business principles of:

1. Credibility,

2. Building Relationships,

3. Demonstrating Value,

4. Differentiate and offset the competition,

5. Manage Resources for Service Excellence

…provided the roadmap of how I envisioned implementing the mission of a future company – Ashby Search Group, Inc.


Steven Settle is President and CEO of Ashby Search Group, Inc. and an Executive Advisor with Boardroom Advisory Group, LLC.. He excels at bringing together companies seeking talented professionals for rewarding long-term careers. To schedule a discovery call, email info@ashbysearchgroup.com.


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