What is Holding You Back? | Johanna Wise

What is Holding You Back? | Johanna Wise

  • 18 Sep 2016
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Connect | Work | ThrivePat* called me after carrying my business card for over a year. She had found it on a bulletin board, along with an invitation to a Connect•Work•Thrive Return to Work Career Transformation Conference.

During the year, Pat read and reread the card and invitation, checked the website regularly wanting to connect, but just not feeling ready. She had been out of the workforce for many years and feared…what? That she had missed the opportunity to dive into a fulfilling career? That someone would not take her dreams seriously, making her feel “less than?” That she was not even sure what she wanted to do?

To ease into the process, she attended job fairs and panel discussions which gave her some hope, but offered no tools, no roadmap, no support community, no progress.

So Pat took the leap and attended a Connect•Work•Thrive Return to Work Career Transformation Conference. The action-oriented workshops, led by career and industry experts, kickstarted her job search process. She left the conference energized, having made progress in areas which had stymied her, and thereby gaining clarity on her next steps. She was now part of a supportive and powerful network.

I receive calls and emails from people like Pat every day – the hidden talent pool of people with a career gap or those disengaged from their jobs, struggling to define and chart a course for their next phase of life.

What is holding you back? Come join us on March 31st at the Connect•Work•Thrive Return-to-Work Career Transformation Summit!

* not her real name, but a very nice one nevertheless. The story, however, is 100% true. Connect•Work•Thrive Return-to-Work Career Transformation Conference and Summit attendees find the tools and network they need to secure their next, wonderful opportunity.

Article originally posted February 26, 2016 on LinkedIn.

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