The “Just Right” Linkedin Profile – Stev

The “Just Right” Linkedin Profile – Steve Gatter

  • 24 Dec 2016
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By Steve Gatter

LinkedInWhen a prospective customer finds you on LinkedIn, what is likely to happen next? There are 4 types of LinkedIn profiles:

1 – The profile with little or no information.

2 – The profile with way too much information.

3 – The profile with the same information as every other real estate agent.

4 – The profile that reveals an interesting person who has some particular expertise and has done some other interesting things too.

Similar to the Three Bear, Goldilocks tale, there is a profile formula that is just right. Such a profile will contain the following:

A.  Professional, current picture of just you.

B.  Your name, as you use it everywhere, and all the time. Your name is your logo. Be 100% consistent.

C.  An effective headline. No two people are even remotely alike. We each have some remarkable skills and accomplishments. Say something remarkable about yourself.

D.  This is your personal headline. The reader may not read anything else and this could be the only thing a prospect will know of you.

E.  Your contact information. Insert this in the Summary section or in the “Advice for Contacting” section, because the LinkedIn contact information section is only visible to your first level connections.

F.  Brief and compelling summary about YOU, not the company for which you work. This is your profile, your story. You are the person that your prospect wants to know about. (Your company has a website.)

G.  The objective here is to be interesting so that the visitor will want to meet you. . . . . to learn more.

H.  A full reveal of your background and experience. Yes, share all the quirky jobs and things, but not in resume order or in resume style. Combine them. Be brief. Tell one or two brief stories or hi-lights.

I.  Brief is key. Combine your entire past history under 3 or 4 headings.

J.  The positions you held, the companies you worked for, the locations and all these other details are all important because, the first step in building trust with someone we’ve never met is the things we might have in common.

K.  Give your visitors a nice menu of items to consider.

L.  Other profile segments: Projects, Organizations you support, Volunteer Experience & Causes, Certifications, Interests, Education, and more.

All of these are opportunities to expand the menu of items that a visitor might have in common. And it makes you look more interesting, which you are!

Newsflash: You as a whole person are 100 times more interesting than whatever it is you are doing today.

Lastly, Publish Some Posts. Your posts appear at the top of your profile. The last 3 are always visible. Include a photograph with the post; use a great headline and write a 200 to 500 word article.

Key is the headline and how it relates to your value proposition. Write about topics that will allow visitors to experience your expertise and how this will be of value to them.

Steve Gatter is a Copywriter and LinkedIn Specialist in Charlotte NC. “Before we can WOW anyone with the work we do, we must first intrigue them with the words we use.” How well are your words serving you?

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