Barry Cohen

Barry Cohen


Canada, Canada

Barry Cohen

B2B Sales and Marketing
Saas/Cloud, Technology Software and Services

Builds High Performance B2B Sales Teams

Do you need to accelerate sales growth, open new markets, or launch new products and services? I work with B2B companies to build scalable, predictable sales and marketing engines.
I am a proven sales leader with substantial small – mid size company experience where I have defined, executed and optimized sales and marketing strategy. My approach is to:

  • Collaborate with the executive team in defining and aligning the sales and marketing strategy
  • Build and lead the sales team in the relentless achievement of goals, often despite limited resources – people, process, tools and brand awareness
  • Deliver predictable sales growth

I have worked in leadership roles in sales and marketing in a diverse range of B2B software and services companies where I have been successful in transforming sales organizations and driving profitable, scalable revenue growth.

Whether you are working with your first 2-3 sales executives or ramping up an established team to enable your company to achieve its next level of growth, I can help. I’ve been there.


Build a scalable, predictable sales and marketing engine

Does your sales and marketing engine deliver predictable sales?

Do you achieve or exceed your sales forecasts?

Is your sales model scalable and can it deliver the growth to achieve your business plan?
Do you have well defined sales roles and an optimized sales process?

I can help you build, implement and lead the sales model that is right for your company based on your available resources, stage of growth and market potential. I will work with your team to develop a true operating model that gives you better visibility into future sales as well as the warning signs of negative trends.

Build brand awareness, generate demand

How strong is your brand awareness on the web?

If a prospect in Vancouver, Miami or Atlanta develops a need for your products, how easy is it for them to find you?

Are you using social media to establish and build corporate credibility?

Do your posts and white papers position you effectively?

Does your web site tell your story well? And, are you generating demand for your sales team?

I can help you develop content as well as a comprehensive content management strategy that builds awareness and generates demand.

Prioritize your sales and marketing strategy

Is your ‘ideal customer profile’ clear?

Why should prospects select your company versus your competitor?

Do you have the supporting evidence – war stories, customer testimonials, ROI measures, etc.?

I will help you prioritize your sales and marketing strategy where you have great potential based on your company’s current and future product and service offerings, client needs, technology trends, and competitive issues.

Accelerate sales growth

I will work with you to define and optimize your sales model. With a scalable sales engine in place and metrics that deliver insight into sales effectiveness, you will have the clarity to deeply understand the success of your go to market strategy.

These data driven insights enable smart decisions about where to invest to accelerate sales growth. Decisions about where to invest in the sales cycle – marketing/demand generation, inbound sales, outbound sales, or senior account executives – all become easier with a deeper understanding of the effectiveness of your sales organization.

Has your sales force stalled?

Have your markets changed?

Have new competitors entered your markets?

Is your sales team reaching the potential you believe is there? Or, are they continuing to harvest the seeds they planted years ago?

If you believe you need to reassess everything from your account strategies to your sales territories to your compensation plans, etc., I can help you re-ignite sales growth.

Barry is based in Toronto, Canada and available for full time, interim and project work across North America. Complimentary consultations can be scheduled by emailing barry.cohen@boardroomadvisorygroup.com.