Dr. Joseph Salkind, CEO

Joseph Salkind


Phoenix, Arizona

Dr. Joseph Salkind, CEO

Entrepreneur, Business Strategy, Business Marketing, Public Speaking
Dental Management Consulting

New Beginnings

Dr. Joseph Salkind’s mission is to continue to learn, impart knowledge and inspire passion in other business owners.  In 2007, a motorcycle accident left him partially paralyzed, unable to practice dentistry.  Not letting this stop his pursuit of serving people, he turned his focus and career toward business.

Already possessing an advanced education in medical dentistry, biology, and economics, Dr. Salkind chose to become a business analyst and consultant within the dental industry; specializing in modern marketing automation systems designed to help a practice attract new clients. Simultaneously, and with an ongoing thirst for intellectual growth, he earned a Masters Degree with an emphasis on marketing, business strategy and supply chain management.

Over time, Dr. Salkind developed a unique ability to communicate buyer-centric points of view across a variety of mediums including short form blogs, long-form articles, video story boards, infographics, eBooks, and the list goes on.

Reclaiming Independence

While guiding dental practices with their management decisions, Dr. Salkind realized a need that extended far beyond the management side of the business.  Many patients are in the same position as he, needing assistance with the long and arduous task of competing paperwork before a medical provider would see them. Because of this, Dr. Salkind co-founded FormsBeGone, a proprietary software that provides any medical provider the necessary information required to see a patient. Please email Dr. Salkind to let him know how he can help you reclaim your independence.