Joe Barone

Joe Barone


Hartford, Connecticut

Joe Barone

Franchise Expert, Financing a Business, Marketing, Management Systems, Expansion Strategies
Franchise Management
  • Is your career at a crossroads?
  • Could business ownership be the new road for you?

For over 30 years The Entrepreneur’s Source has helped tens of thousands of people at a career crossroad take control of their income and work-life through our unique coaching methodology. We help you think about where you are in your life and where you want to be and guide you in the exploration of your options.

Our discovery and education-based method of franchise and business ownership coaching allows our clients to discover opportunities ideally suited for the life they seek for themselves and their families.

As experts in Franchise and Business Ownership Coaching we can help you:

  • Understand the value of your transferable skills and strengths as a business owner so you can cash-in on your professional capital;
  • Explore/educate yourself about what opportunities are out there and identify which ones fit your unique criteria;
  • Separate fact from fiction in business ownership;
  • Understand how to finance your business, including strategies to pay yourself through the start-up phase.
  • And we do this at no cost to you…your only investment is your time and your commitment to have an open mind.

More about Joe

Joe has assisted individuals become entrepreneurs both as an Entrepreneur’s Source Coach and SCORE mentor. He sits on the Board of Directors of various organizations.

Prior to joining the Entrepreneur’s Source Joe worked for organizations in the financial sector. Providing expertise in improving corporate profitability and performance through process optimization, best practices and solution development.

Joe has a history of producing revenue growth, while decreasing costs and improving corporate capabilities. Experienced at building and leading top-performing teams, directing mission-critical programs and initiatives, and spearheading business transformation.

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