Richard Marcus, President

Richard Marcus


Charlotte, North Carolina

Richard Marcus, President

Sales Coaching, Sales Training, Public Speaker
All Industries

Richard is a Certified Sales Coach, Sales Trainer, Consultant and Author. He has masterfully blended his background in education with 30 years of Fortune 500 corporate experience to create a unique Sales Coaching and Sales Training company.

Richard is the founder and President of Vue Coaching & Sales Training in Matthews, NC.

Richard left Corporate America after a successful 30 year career with two Fortune 500 Companies. He held a variety of positions in Sales, Sales Management, Marketing Management, Product Management, Market Development and Training. He has earned multiple prestigious sales awards including the highest sales awards for top performance among his peers.

He has received Outstanding Service Awards from distributors and the National Association of Purchasing Management.

Over the years Richard has delivered outstanding business results to many clients in the following industries; Manufacturing,Utilities,Office Buildings,Healthcare,Food Processing,Lodging,Redistribution,Grocery Retail, Food Service and High Traffic Facilities.

Richard has recruited, hired and trained Sales Professionals to become top producers in two large organizations. He managed a tri-state $35 million sales territory and had 7 direct reports.

Richard has been involved with some of the largest and most successful national B2B product launches. Those Branded Products are still producing revenue today.

Richard has successfully delivered thousands of Sales Presentations and has participated in extensive Sales Training Programs. He truly understands the challenges of the modern Sales Professional.

Richard founded Vue Coaching & Sales Training to fulfill a lifetime dream of becoming an entrepreneur. His vision is to help Sales Professionals, Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs to reach their full sales potential by accessing affordable customized training and coaching.

He utilizes new coaching techniques, reality based training, real world practical experiences and modern sales tactics to move clients to success. Whether it’s boosting profits, increasing sales or developing life- long customers, giving his clients a competitive advantage is always a priority.

Vue Coaching has office space conveniently located throughout the Charlotte Metro Area or will conduct the customized training at client sites.

Vue Coaching offers Seminars, Workshops, 1:1 Coaching, Group Coaching, Customized Sales Training Programs, Sales Interview Preparation, Sales Candidate Screening, Compensation Plan Review, Executive Coaching, Business Soft Skills Programs and various Small Business Marketing Programs