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Satisfied Customers are the lifeline of a successful business. Boardroom Advisory Group is in the business of helping our customers quickly find solutions to their problems resulting in improved bottom-line results.

Frequently asked questions

What does Boardroom Advisory Group offer that my online profile does not?

Boardroom Advisory Group provides executives-in-transition the opportunity to avoid a gap-in-employment on their resume and online networking profile.

I have a strong LinkedIn profile. What value does Boardroom Advisory Group’s Executive Advisor program deliver?

Have you ever Googled the following: your “title”, “industry consultants” or any other combination of searches to see how you stack up against the competition? Chances are your search results returned millions and millions of choices with strong LinkedIn profiles. If you are receiving these results, what results do you think potential companies and/or employees are seeing?

Boardroom Advisory Group can aggregate all self-published online content helping you position yourself as a Subject Matter Expert; a problem-solving consultant rather than just another applicant.

I always send hyper-links of my articles, mentions and videos presentations to prospective clients. All they have to do is click on the links to view the content. Isn’t Boardroom Advisory Group doing the same thing?

No. You have already created your brand and the forwarding of individual hyperlinks to your content is a great way to strengthen your brand. The problem with your approach is that millions and millions of others are doing the exact same thing.

Boardroom Advisory Group’s strong value is a unique differentiation through an Executive Portfolio that strengthens credibility and helps validate subject matter expertise.

Blogging takes time. I can’t afford to take time away my from current job search to think about current industry trends and then take more time to write about it and create an Executive Portfolio.

Time is a decision-maker’s most valuable asset. The purpose of an Executive Portfolio is; in the shortest amount of time, allow a prospective customer or employer to easily and quickly determine that you are the strongest qualified executive who will find solutions and deliver measureable results.

I am working with an executive recruiter. They are being paid a lot of money to place me. What additional value will a professional affiliation provide?

You are absolutely right! Executive recruiters are paid a lot of money to place executive candidates. This being the case, it is vitally important you are proactive with your job search. Having a professional affiliation, speaking about current topics in your industry, providing your industry expertise via blog post or long-form articles are the avenues you need to pursue to elevate yourself above your competition.

The executive recruiter is not only looking to place you, they are looking to strengthen their credibility with each placement. Having an executive portfolio and professional affiliation with Boardroom Advisor Group separates you from the competition helping to place you and strengthen the executive recruiters credibility simultaneously.

A professional outplacement coach helped me create a great profile headline to catch the right peoples attention and I have a great summary telling my story. My skills and expertise are very strong and I have numerous recommendations about my accomplishments. I don’t see how being a member of Boardroom Advisory Group will help me land my next role.

Yes, you have great skills and very strong credentials. However, so do thousands of other qualified candidates that you are potentially up against. Most importantly, you blend in with other candidates who are focused on themselves…just like you.

This is the number one hiring manager “turn-off” when companies and employers are considering candidates. My recommendation would be to change direction and focus completely on the value you bring to the table; how this value translates into solutions and bottom-line results for the company considering your candidacy.

Be proactive; showcase your industry knowledge, differentiating and elevating yourself above the competition.

I provide continuous updates on my networking platform that I find interesting. This keeps me relevant and top of mind in front of my network. Doesn’t Boardroom Advisory Group’s platform do the same thing?

No – Boardroom Advisory Group’s platform is designed specifically to identify you as a leading executive, establish you as a industry thought-leader and strengthen your credibility and subject-matter expertise elevating you above your competition. We support your efforts in signing your next client, landing your next role or advancing your career.