Career Change – The Art of Acing the First Impression

 In Branding, Human Resources

You’re ready to make a midlife career change or return to work after a career break. You are excited to attend a back to work program that offers individual career transition coaching, as well as an agenda filled with workshop choices all devoted to career transformation, including how to enhance your skills and write that perfect changing careers resume. You’re ready to get started except for that age-old question: “What should I wear?”

Research Shows First Impressions Solidify Within the First 7 to 17 Seconds of Meeting

In a study of 2,000 managers, 33% knew within 30 seconds whether or not they were going to hire someone.

Studies also show that 55% of the time first impressions are created based on what an individual wears, the way that individual acts, and how he or she walks through the door. Your image in general, and what you wear in particular, matters.

Your look should be current, polished, appropriate for your field, and reflective of today’s quickly changing job market. Updating your wardrobe choices may be the exact career help you need, allowing you to convey to business professionals, executives, and the world that you are confident, skilled, and at the top of your game.

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