6 Shortcuts to Make Your Home Life a Little Easier

6 Shortcuts to Make Your Home Life a Little Easier

  • 13 Feb 2017
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By Michelle Keaton-Barrow:  

Michelle Keaton-BarrowWe’re all busy at work and at home and whatever else takes up our day. Here are a 6 miscellaneous in home timesavers that will hopefully give you a few extra minutes to use to do things you’d rather be doing.

1. Set yearly appointments to have your heating and A/C system checked. This will cut back on unwanted surprises in winter or summer, things that usually happen at times when you need your unit performing at its best.

2. Research how often the filters need to be changed and write the next month on the filter. No more guessing. This also goes for changing the batteries in your smoke detectors. No more guessing or being awaken from a deep sleep by the beeping of a dying battery.

3.  If you don’t recycle, throw your newspapers away right after you’re finished reading them. It cuts down on clutter and helps soak up any moisture that goes into the trash.

4.  Make a list or several. We always have things to do, so much that we forget about what we need to do, what we at one time prioritized, in the hustle. Making a list gives you responsibility to buy, to fix, to finish and also helps to refresh your memory.

5.  If you haven’t done it yet, change to LED lights. These are the longest lasting bulbs on the market, and it’ll keep you from having to haul the ladder out as well as save on your energy bill.

6.  Invest in several USB chargers for your electrical sockets. This will keep you from looking all over for a charger. Or is it just me?


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