Orthodontics Case Study: Treat ‘The FaceR

Orthodontics Case Study: Treat ‘The Face’ Not ‘The Teeth’ – Dr. G. Ross Segal

  • 31 May 2016
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As dentists, we focus much of our attention on the oral cavity. However, the treatment we perform within this confined space often affects the whole facial structure. For this reason, it is imperative to look beyond stone models. In general, whenever a dentist performs an initial evaluation, it is fundamental to begin with an evaluation of the face. For example, in cases where a patient has a “flat” profile, one may be more inclined to pursue a nonextraction approach with the goal of maintaining or accentuating lip support. The opposite is true for patients with excessive lip strain. Rachael’s case is a good example.

From the beginning, Rachael’s dad wasn’t convinced that his daughter needed orthodontic treatment. After all, her teeth were already relatively straight, as can be seen in the photos below.

Fig. 2 - initial lower occlusal - G. Ross Segal, DMD, MS - orthoFig. 1 - initial upper occlusal - G. Ross Segal, DMD, MS - ortho

Initial Upper Occlusal / Initial Lower Occlusal

Rachael’s dad was reluctant to even schedule a consult appointment, but his dentist insisted that significant improvements could be made to Rachael’s appearance. The fact is that both Rachael’s dad and the dentist were correct in their assessments. In other words, the teeth won’t look much straighter, but Rachael’s appearance would be significantly improved. How could that be?

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G. Ross Segal, DMD, MS, received his dental degree from The University of Pennsylvania and then went on to obtain his specialty in orthodontics certificate and Master’s in Science from Temple University. Dr. Segal is available on a limited basis for speaking engagements. For more information, email dr.segal@boardroomadvisorygroup.com.

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