Van Voorhis Productions

Van Voorhis Video Productions produce all types of entertaining video to engage the viewer and increase brand awareness. Videos can be promotional such as commercials for series and products and they can be informational video tutorials explaining how to use products and different teaching methods. To learn more about the many professional video options you have, Click Here.

Donald S. Bicking & Associates PC

Donald S. Bicking & Associates PC provide clients with a proactive approach to business, asset and tax planning. The company goal is to provide clients with effective strategies to increase wealth and reduce taxes. The results will lead to a integrated strategic process that maximizes wealth, protects assets and reduces taxes. To learn more, Click Here.


SODA-Consulting is an inbound/outbound sales and lead management consulting firm focused on the small to medium sized company universe. We assist our clients to help increase the efficiencies and effectiveness of their overall tele-support strategies and sales performance. Our expertise and capabilities include inbound/outbound sales process design and implementation and outsourcing vendor selection and management. To learn more, Click Here

Capital Bankcard South

Capital Bankcard South 

Capital Bankcard South was started on three simple principles. Be smart, stay local, and provide our products and services at an affordable price. These methods have allowed us to become the top payment processor in the Charlotte metropolitan area, and why we are growing across the country! Not only are we very good at what we do, but we have a ton of fun doing it. Learn more about Capital Bankcard South…