It’s Like Money in the Bank! – Richard Mar

It’s Like Money in the Bank! – Richard Marcus

  • 18 May 2016
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The Quality of Being Believable and Worthy of Trust

As a sales professional how do you prove your Credibility in the eyes of a skeptical, new, potential client who is unfamiliar with your work and reputation? Sometimes sales people go about establishing Credibility incorrectly because the actions of establishing Credibility are misunderstood. Understanding how to handle this paradox is critical. You will not increase your sales by increasing the focus on yourself.

Richard Marcus

Telling about you, your company, your awards and accomplishments will not help much. Consistently closing sales depends on the Credibility you quickly establish by increasing the focus on your prospect. Increase your focus on the prospects’ problem and decrease the focus on yourself to increase your odds of starting a successful new relationship.

You will succeed in sales if skeptical prospects believe you can help with their issues and it’s critical to be able to establish Credibility quickly and effectively. Credibility is a mixture of processes, actions and your attitude.

So, are you credible? In this fast paced super competitive sales environment Credibility has become a key differentiator.

Top sales professionals who earn $100K or more understand the importance of being credible and have worked hard to master this skill. In many sales jobs, to get to the $100K plus income level, credibility and exceptional performance is a winning combination.

How You Can Demonstrate and Establish This Important Sales Characteristic and Be Seen as Credible

Share relevant industry insights based on research and analysis to demonstrate you understand your prospects Business Drivers. Insight is knowledge about the prospects customers, their industry and their competition. Show that you can be a valuable resource and share information in a meaningful way. When you communicate your expertise; be sensitive because you don’t want to be seen as arrogant or as a know-it-all.

1.  Ask engaging thought provoking questions to show you have done your homework. The use of “Credibility Building Questions” is a technique that must be practiced and a good sales coach can provide you with guidance.

2.  Be genuine, humble and measured about who you really are when it is necessary to talk about yourself. Being credible is an ongoing process.

3.  Listen actively, consider carefully, and respond to questions concisely.

4.  Dress the part – – in other words “Dress For Success” people will judge you by how you look. If you are an expert / professional look like one.

5.  Don’t promise anything you can’t deliver and be sure to honor any commitments you make no matter how small.

6.  Get a referral, personal introduction or use testimonials this will lessen the initial natural skepticism and help prospects to be more receptive to you.

7.  Make sure your social media profiles are consistent with the Credibility you are trying to convey.

8.  Take notes to capture important details don’t try to memorize key points and prospects will take you serious. Believe it or not people talk more when they see you taking notes.

9.  Show up or call on time.


As you proceed to build rapport, increase your income, gain new customers and become the preferred supplier remember your ability to establish Credibility can be the game changing skill that distinguishes you from your competition. Your Credibility is one of the traits that will move prospects to take action.

Review the key points above and ask yourself what areas you can improve upon. Keep in mind, first impressions are lasting impressions.


Richard Marcus is a Certified Sales Coach & Sales Trainer with 30 years of Fortune 500 Corporate Experience. He founded Vue Coaching & Sales Training to support Sales Professionals, Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to reach their full sales potential, make more sales, earn more money and have fun in the process. Richard is also an Executive Advisor with Boardroom Advisory Group and be can be reached at richard.marcus@boardroomadvisorygroup.com.


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