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Leaders of new or key initiatives guiding procurement and sourcing strategies through the organization are continuing to meet competing missions to divert its place on the list of priorities. It’s all about business. But we are in the business of expanding corporate culture and promoting the growth of companies to become members of future business deals and alliances, along with many of our colleagues.

For instance, the decision to shelve, eliminate, or avoid supplier diversity programs are frequent occurrences by leading companies in their respective industries, either as pioneers or strong peers. Upon returning, after a few years back to the original source, the air has been let out of the balloon and restoring new or fresh strategies will be difficult, if ever again. The resolution must be immediate and highly influenced by the stakeholders and senior executives of the company.

Returning to the future will require the direction and insistence of the management committee to ensure a sustainable position in your corporate culture.


Silas is President of The Future Procurement Group, LLC and an Executive Advisor with Boardroom Advisory Group.  He specializing in building and leading global procurement management programs, supplier diversity initiatives among many others. Click the Contact Us link to schedule a complementary consultation.

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