What Have You Done For Your Sales Force Lately?

What Have You Done For Your Sales Force Lately?

  • 16 Mar 2016
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B2B Selling is a tough job – – it’s one of the toughest jobs in the company.


The sales job is further complicated by a negative and well established stereotype. A recent Gallup poll on the honesty and ethical conduct of business professionals found that insurance salespeople and car salespeople ranked at the bottom of the list. It’s not just these retail sales people though; there are some estimates that more than 80 percent of customers have a negative view of all salespeople. Faced with this established, negative prospect impression, life for a sales professional can be very difficult and achieving sustained success is a monumental task. Sales Management and Business owners should be doing everything in their power to make the sales force successful.

Sales organizations want their sales force to be successful — that is, closing new business and making good money. Yet if you were to ask many sales people they would tell you their company often makes it difficult for them to meet their quotas, by requiring them to do lots of administrative work, not providing them with mobile tools, or constantly changing commission plans.

What Sales Management Should Be Doing


Coaching is the number one sales management activity that drives sales performance. The goal of coaching is to help each sales rep to improve their performance and reach their full potential. Sales managers and Sr. leadership should be judged on the success of their sales teams.

Teaching Business Insight

Business Insight is defined as the critical business thinking required to achieve company sales objectives. The business environment demands that both sales reps and managers have strong business skills. Sales managers need to be able to understand complex business issues and help their sales team view their business strategically.

Supply Highly Qualified Leads

High quality leads keeps the sales force motivated and makes the team more productive.

Performance Management

Performance management is conducting quarterly business reviews,  managing non-performing sales reps and recognizing key performers. Another part of performance management is to proactively communicate to your boss when performance issues arise, and to have a solution in place.


Sales managers need to be strong leaders. The key to developing strong sales leaders is for your sales managers to be able to create and share a vision with their sales team. Strong sales leaders have the skill and the will to help their team adopt the vision and keep them focused.

Sales leaders should have the ability to communicate to upper management what the sales team needs in order to get the job done.

Provide Regular Training and Opportunities To Share Best Practices

Successful sales organizations invest in the development of their teams. In addition, training helps to retain top performers and shift critical middle performers into top performers.


Sales Management and Senior Leaderships primary responsibility has to be the support and development of the sales team. Removing obstacles, obtaining resources and training helps the sales team be more effective, motivated and assures continued business viability.

Vue Coaching & Sales Training offers 1:1 Coaching Programs, Group Coaching Programs, and Workshops & Seminars.

Richard Marcus is a Certified Sales Coach & Sales Trainer with 30 years of Fortune 500 Corporate Experience. He founded Vue Coaching & Sales Training to support Sales Professionals, Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to reach their full sales potential, make more sales, earn more money and have fun in the process. Richard can be reached at richard.marcus@boardroomadvisorygroup.com.

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