How to Gauge Employee Underperformance – Steve D

How to Gauge Employee Underperformance – Steve Driben

  • 21 Mar 2016
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Employee performance is a daily topic in a sales-focused enterprise.   Sales managers and sales leaders alike understand that an engaged workforce will result in increased profitability, improved quality, and reduced turnover. Now, does this mean that a disengaged workforce will result in reduced profitability, decreased quality and increased turnover? Yes!


According to The Gallup Organization’s research into employee engagement within the U.S. workforce, actively disengaged employees cost the American economy up to $350 billion a year in lost productivity.

Many managers choose to focus on the underperforming and unengaged employee. Instead, I recommend evaluating high performing, engaged employees instead of focusing on those that are non-engaged. You can then benchmark your findings and use these to inspire, motivate and transform poor performers. You will realize better results with a positive focus than if you continually focus on the prior.

Four Things to Consider

Realize that not all non-engaged poor performers will turn themselves around; but you will achieve better results with a positive focus.  I have been in this position many times and have a very high success rate turning poor performers into highly engaged, revenue-producing individuals.

Connecting with your employees and letting them know they provide value to the organization is very important. Share a clear vision of what you are looking for them to accomplish.

Challenge your employees with meaningful work. Provide realistic expectations with a clear career path and opportunity for advancement.

Always acknowledge and congratulate your employees for a job well done!

You will find that using a benchmark approach focused on turning a non-engaged, poor performing employee into an engaged, highly performing employee will result in improved company culture and overall greater organization performance.

Steve Driben heads Boardroom Advisory Group’s Global Sales Consulting, Strategy & Training division providing corporations advice on revenue enhancement, capital cost reduction, and hybrid inside sales strategy. Through a successful proof-of-concept, Steve’s 5-step inside sales training program has been delivered to SaaS, Software and B2C clients in the United States and Europe. Results attained exceed $100M in top-line revenue. Services focus on inside sales team build-out; concept through creation to execution and launch.

Steve is available for speaking engagements on consultative sales, leadership, sales management strategy and executive level selling strategies.  Complimentary consultations can be scheduled by emailing steve.driben@boardroomadvisorygroup.com.

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