How Do You Reverse the Membership Decline Trend?

How Do You Reverse the Membership Decline Trend? – Steve Driben

  • 04 Jul 2016
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Members join organizations whose vision and values they align with. They may want to meet people, make new friends, explore interests, develop leadership skills or simply have some fun.

Organizations are always looking for new members o infuse new ideas, gain new talents as well as replace retiring members. Now, to help understand why your membership is declining, it is important to conduct an internal Q&A.

Have you taken a step back and assessed why the decline and lack of interest? Do you know the differences between your strongest membership drive period and now? Why was the organization formed? How did you initially generate interest and build membership in your organization?

Finding these answers will shed light on the underlying problems.

Get Members Involvedfinanceimg2

Most likely, these questions can be answered within your own membership base. Reach out to your members seeking their input on the organization. Ask for honest feedback regarding their likes, dislikes and suggestions for positive change. Communicate on a personal level. It is important your make each member feel their feedback is important.

Be sure to personalize your email message or better yet, pick up the phone and call. When speaking to your fellow members, reinforce the organizations goals and objectives. Depending on the age of your organization, you may be surprised at the responses you receive.

Creating Member Interest

Remember your excitement when first joining your organization? This is the same excitement to be conveyed with people you would like to have become members.

If necessary, review and change the organizations goals and objectives. Be certain the values are still relevant and if necessary, change those too. Share fun, relevant stories about your organization and the value it provides.branding executives consultants

Keeping Member Interest

Through a concerted effort, you have determined how to reverse the declining trend in membership. You are seeing slow, yet steady interest in your organization with members taking an active role to keep this momentum going.

Be certain to create a process that keeps members happy.

Happy members will remain committed to the objectives and goals of the organization. They will enjoy a thriving atmosphere where they can come to meet people, make new friends, explore interests, develop leadership skills or simply have some fun.


Steve Driben is an Executive Advisor with Boardroom Advisory Group and a Business Performance Advisor with Insperity helping businesses run better, grow faster and make more money. To learn more, call (704) 559-9097 or email steve.driben@boardroomadvisorygroup.com.

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