Sales Management Pipeline Review – Steve Dri

Sales Management Pipeline Review – Steve Driben

  • 14 Mar 2016
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Ask yourself this question, “Can I review any opportunity in my CRM and clearly understand it”? Most likely, the answer will be “no”. The reasons for this are many, but leading this list is the lack of a consistent sales methodology to create an opportunity.


First Things First

Your sales executive should be able to clearly articulate the “compelling event”. Without it, there is no clear opportunity. In order for there to be a compelling event, a specific business initiative must be defined by the customer that is driving them to solve a problem by a defined date.

Once a compelling event is identified, a unique business value must be defined (business values may differ by opportunity). A unique business value enables you to communicate the specific business results your solution will deliver. It is important to note that you MUST understand how the customer defines value and how they will measure it. Be sure you can quantify the value from the customer’s perspective and have the customer confirm their understanding of the value you will deliver.

Win The Business

Have a competitive strategy in place, which includes a detailed understanding of the customer’s internal politics. For example, having relationships with supporters and mentors who can influence the customer’s Inner Circle and Key Players is crucial to help win the deal.

Lets say your methodology is in place and a real opportunity exists. A compelling event is defined. You have a strong, unique business value to compete and your internal relationships have influence to the Inner Circle leading to a high probability to win the business. Sales executives and sales leaders forget to consider one final question, “is this deal worth winning”?

Risk Assessment

Risk assessment needs to be considered when pursuing an opportunity. Factors such as margin, profitability, short-term revenue, degree of risk and strategic value will help determine whether or not to pursue an opportunity or if an RFP, to decide whether to “bid” or “no-bid”. 

Having a strong sales methodology in place will enable you to understand any opportunity in your pipeline. Your sales team will be focused on the right issues at the right time. The individual sales executive now has a path to develop and test a plan for their opportunity, adjusting their sales focus from tactical to strategic.

Steve Driben heads Boardroom Advisory Group’s Global Sales Consulting, Strategy & Training division providing corporations advice on revenue enhancement, capital cost reduction, and hybrid inside sales strategy. Through a successful proof-of-concept, Steve’s 5-step inside sales training program has been delivered to SaaS, Software and B2C clients in the United States and Europe. Results attained exceed $100M in top-line revenue. Services focus on inside sales team build-out; concept through creation to execution and launch.

Steve is available for speaking engagements on consultative sales, leadership, sales management strategy and executive level selling strategies.

Complimentary consultations can be scheduled by emailing steve.driben@boardroomadvisorygroup.com.

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