Developing Content for Marketing: Where to Start &

Developing Content for Marketing: Where to Start – Jessica Headrick

  • 27 Aug 2016
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I was recently sitting with a client over coffee and we discussed his line of work, his goals, and his current marketing efforts. As a content writer, I have to be aware of what connects my text with the rest of the aspects of the marketing process. This is not the first time this particular client had to deal with marketing, but it seemed to be the first time he’d marketed himself instead of the business. Depending on how long you’ve been in your industry, marketing was always about the business’ products and services and not who you are and how you feel you can help your neighbor.

Things I ask a potential client

A.  How comfortable are they with technology in generalimg5

B.  How many websites or social platforms do they maintain

C.  Which do they like best and why

I find quite a few have hired someone to build a website, linking it to other social media pages, and then took the reins over thinking the cost of having the site hosted and content generated was more than they were willing to spend. The result is a website that primarily sits stagnant, spotty content, and rarely used social sites.Many simply don’t know where to start.

My consultation is designed to determine the following

1.  Topics for material and how to best schedule the publishing and posts.

2.  Finding customer issues in their industry to write an article on how to fix it, optimize the solution, expand on it, and make it a unique experience for each person.

This initial point of discovery is the price of a cup of coffee for an hour preview of what it will be like to work with a freelance writer like myself.

If you fall into the category of not knowing where to take that first step in today’s content marketing world, don’t stress. We’ve all been there and it is not rocket science despite what some experts might have you believe. Jessica HeadrickIt can be extremely involved for large businesses and corporations, but the average entrepreneur, small business, start-up, or older local business in need of transition in technology, can get this done rather quickly and inexpensively.

Content writing is a part of marketing and branding yourself in order to give your business a personality. With so many other businesses competing for attention through content online, the only true distinctive qualities your business has over others are your own thoughts, morals, and values on how you represent your significance as an individual business owner.

Start By GettingCreative

A.  Find your original reasons for starting your business because within that are the ways you can empathize with your audience.

B.  Get answers to specific consumer questions

C.  Arm readers with valuable information in an entertaining way to build trust and loyal customers

Your audience will like, comment, and share your website and media pages,doing a big part of the marketing for you just because they like you and know where to find you. Isn’t that how you would like to do business? In this age of technology, your website and social media are ways to insert yourself in between your potential client and his hand held phone at any given point in the day. Embrace it.

Jessica Headrick is a professional writer, Executive Advisor at Boardroom Advisory Group and Founder of Scribe Syndicate. Jessica has an extensive library of published articles including Technology, Human Resources, Travel and Tourism among many others. She provides topic research, initial draft concepts to complete article and blog productions, all dependent on the client’s individual needs. Jessica is available for project-based and al la Carte work throughout the United States and can be reached at jessica.headrick@boardroomadvisorygroup.com.

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