Because I Said So – Johanna Wise

Because I Said So – Johanna Wise

  • 15 Jul 2016
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How would you feel if, during a discussion, someone responded with “Because I said so?” Would you feel heard? Valued? Understood? What would you think of that person’s communication skills? Debating prowess?

That’s precisely the effect of sending an email with a “no-reply” return address.

I recently received a vendor’s email with the intriguing subject: “How a small business increased sales by 50%.” Excited to apply these principles to my own small business, I clicked the first link – error message. I clicked the next link – same error message. In fact, not a single link functioned on the email. So, being a nice person and appreciative small business owner, I clicked “reply” to notify the vendor, only to be confronted by the dreaded “no-reply” sender address.

After a lot of mucking around on the vendor’s website, I finally found a forum section to post the problem along with my suggestion to replace their “no-reply” sender address with one which is monitored. I bet you’re shocked to learn that I was the ONLY person to bother informing this vendor of their nonfunctioning links. The vendor very kindly sent me numerous emails thanking me, telling me their team was working on the problem, and eventually that they had fixed the problem. Every email was sent from their “no-reply” account.

Here’s a more engaging and creative way to interact with potential customers, one which screams “please reply!”


Johanna Wise is the CEO of Connect – Work – Thrive, a company dedicated to empowering professionals to finding the work they love and an Executive Advisor with Boardroom Advisory Group. To work with Johanna, email johanna.wise@boardroomadvisorygroup.com.

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